Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Focus Question: How will teacher communication systems create positive learning experiences for you and your students?

I plan on engaging with my students through many relevant communication tools including social media, email, online discussions and blogs. All of these tools not only engage the student and teacher through the use of technological devices, but it makes it easier for both the student and the teacher to respond at the ease of their schedule. It also allows the student to learn the technology, and keeps the teachers up to date on the latest technology.

In the past week, a friend of mine who is a high school history teacher- had the pleasure of teaching her students a unique lesson on social media. She had assigned a project that may require the students to work on during their spring break, and some of the students took to Twitter to vent. Some of the students were very rude and disrespectful on their tweets and hash-tags, so she took the opportunity to print the tweets and write them on her smart board for them to see when they came into her classroom the next day. She also responded to the tweets with her own witty hash-tags. She explained to them that social media can be used against them even if they are venting, and if she was their employer- they would be fired. She laughed at the rude tweets, but she said the look on their faces was priceless.

Tech Tool 8.1: Approach 1 (website and blog building software) This tech tool discusses the use of blog building software that teachers can use to communicate or use for lesson plans. The text mentions Dreamweavers and Frontpage. I did not either of those software, but Blogger seems to work pretty effectively for blogs.

Overall, this chapter helps discuss multiple ways for teachers to reach their students and use technology for lesson plans. The students can use the websites or software at home, and it makes it easier for a teacher to access and grade.

Maloy, R. W., Verick-O'Loughlin, R., Edwards, S. A., & Woolf, B. P. (2014). Transforming learning with new technologies. Boston, MA: Pearson

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  1. Your friend's experience sounds like a 'hoot.' - Glad she turned it around to be a learning experience for the students. In many schools, the social media policy prohibits students and teachers from communicating through such venues...therefore, some would never have had that educational experience. Hopefully, that will open up more in the future as I think students need more instruction in using the tools appropriately and ethically.