Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Focus Question: How can teachers use student participation systems as effective assessment methods?

Just like when a teacher begins discussing a topic, many times they will ask their students to raise their hand if they have heard of that topic. That is a form of pre-assessing, but the benefit of the modern classroom, is that teachers can engage their students through pre-assessing surveys or polls through technology. There are many apps and websites that will allow the students to be pre-assessed by taking these simple surveys. These are part of what Maloy, in her text Transforming learning with new technologies calls " prior knowledge-based learning." This is a way of encouraging thought from the students to understand the concept, and they end of realizing the know more about the topic than they realized. Teachers are then able to better connect their lesson plans with their students and the topic at hand. 

Tech Tool 11.2: Student centered learning is on the rise, and technology makes the classroom easier for this teaching method. There are several survey and poll resources listed in Tech Tool 11.2 including the one I investigated, called SurveyMonkey. This app allows students to create surveys and collect information among themselves. These tools are being used to pre-assess students, as well as encourage student discussions about a topic.

Chapter 11 is a way of involving technology to help teachers better connect their lesson plans to their students. Teachers are able to engage their students,and reach them on a deeper level of critical thought processes.Involving students in the assessment process, empowers them to be more involved in the classroom, and therefore allows them to learn more. The benefit of deeper learning, is the material being remembered longer, and the grades being higher.

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  1. There are so many different ways technology can vary the ways we assess student learning these days! Your selected video does a nice job on increasing student responsibility, reflection and the interaction of assessment with instruction - that is sometimes a far distance from what we see in many classrooms focused on 'teaching to the test' (i.e., standardized testing).